Where Can I Buy Fertile Quail Eggs? Do You Sell Them?

I often get asked if I sell fertile quail eggs and if not where can they be purchased? Before I answer why I don't sell them, let me list several places online where fertile quail eggs CAN be purchased and then give my tips for buying good quality quail eggs to incubate and hatch out yourself.

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Can I keep Quail & Chickens Together in the Same Pen?

The short answer to "can I keep quail and chickens together" is NO. However, I do understand why people would ponder the thought of keeping quail and chickens together because why have two pens when you could simply have one? Well, there are some very good reasons why people shouldn't house these birds in the

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How to Collect Quail Eggs – Coturnix/Japanese

Coturnix or Japanese Quail are sometimes also called Pharaoh quail and this name lends some explanation as to why this breed of domestic poultry no longer sits on their eggs. In fact, most quail don't even lay their eggs in nesting boxes or even in the one general area. More often than not, quail keepers

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Raising Common Japanese Coturnix Quail (general outline)

Introduction (This article was reviewed for currency on 10 Apr 2015) Raising or keeping quail isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one ponders self sufficiency. Needless to say, poultry have always been a favourite for self sufficiency and backyard farming because they are relatively easy to keep compared to livestock, they grow

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I’m a Quail Murderer

Introduction I imagine many (or even most) people who practice some sort of self-sufficiency involving DIY slaughtering would hold some reservations with the whole process. The subject of DIY slaughtering or even commercial slaughtering is a difficult one but it is part of life. For the majority who eat meat, we shouldn't take for granted

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Weber Q 220

Cooking Home Grown Quail on my Weber Q

Introduction It's all well and good to produce your own food, however, if you don't cook it correctly or at least with some imagination your home-grown produce can be a tad bland. So true is the notion you don't need to do much to make good food taste great and I'm the first to preach

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Breeding Jumbo Quail at the Homestead

In a world where just about everything is supersized up, quail are no exception – welcome to the world of giants and Jumbo quail… Whether you call them Coturnix quail, Japanese quail, or Pharaoh quail, they all pretty much mean the same thing – a small domesticated breed of poultry. They come in various colours

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quail coturnix japanese sitting on eggs

Breeding Japanese or Coturnix Quail – A Backyard Guide

This is a simple guide about breeding Japanese or coturnix quail in the backyard and basically my assessment of the most relevant information people need to know for breeding new quail stock and practically how I breed my own quails. I've tried to write this article based on my experiences and incorporate my thought processes

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Coturnix Quail A&M eating from feeder

Home-grown Quail from Egg to Plate in 10 Easy Steps

When people mention poultry for backyard suburbia the first bird which comes to mind is the chicken. And why not? I mean, the humble chicken is easy to look after, there’s lots of information out there about keeping chickens, and everyone is familiar with chicken eggs. However, say the “quail” word and most people have

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