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Why Keeping Chickens is a "BAD" Idea | World Egg Crisis

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Building a Raised Bed Kitchen Herb Garden Out the Back Door

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How to FIX and STOP a Raised Garden Bed From Caving Inwards

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BEAT Tough Times Ahead and GROW More | New Channel Trailer 2023

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What Happens to Woodchips in the Base of a Raised Garden Bed?

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A Super EASY Way to Grow Tomatoes

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The EASY Way to Grow Tomatoes That Actually WORKS!

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One of the Best and Biggest Radishes is Daikon

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Eggs are so Eggspensive Eggstremely Costly This is No Beat-up

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5 Tips How to Maximise Harvests In Your Vegetable Garden

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Sometimes You Just Have to Get in the Ring You Old Chook

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We Give Curry Leaves to a NEW Indian Restaurant

81.4K views 14 November 2022 4:44 pm


The following is a playlist of all our gardening videos.

Gardening is by far the most popular videos I make on YouTube and interest seems to be growing as more people discover the beauty of this video platform.


The following is a playlist of all our chicken videos.

We’ve been keeping chickens for a decade now (as at 2016). We mainly use our hens for egg production, fertiliser generation, food scrap management, and fun. 


The following is a playlist of all our quail videos.

We keep quail for the meat primarily but we do sometimes eat the eggs.

Quail is an easy poultry species to raise and is a great starter bird for people wondering if poultry keeping is for them.


The following is a playlist of all our duck videos.

We started with Khaki Campbell ducks first given to us by a friend who couldn’t keep them anymore and then discovered Pekins, which are great layers and good to eat as a meat bird.

Food and Recipes

The following is a playlist of our recipe videos.

These recipe and preserving videos are not the most popular videos to upload, however, I personally do like making them and sharing some of my kitchen adventures.