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Our Kid’s School Shuns Climate Change Strike

There has been a whole lot of hot wind today and also over the past few weeks about the climate change strike by school students supposedly happening tomorrow across Australia. I say "supposedly," because my kids don't know anything about any so-called climate change strike at all. Nothing. Nada. Sweet FA (Fanny Adams). Why is that…?

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WARNING Your Kids Vs Adult Neck-Bearded Online Gamers is Risky

I thought I would write this article as a concerned parent to alert others who may be considering buying their children a gaming console for Christmas this year.  Our children have been playing console games ever since our eldest could handle a controller back in about 2008 and over the years I have been a close

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Childcare or Daycare Vs Stay at Home Instead & Look After Your Own Kids

When it comes to childcare versus stay-at-home I pick stay-at-home anytime for children, parents, and lifestyle overall.    Today, as at the writing of this article, yet again parents around Australia are losing money and being unfairly disrupted due to their local childcare/daycare centre staff going on strike. Whilst I have no gripe with individual

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School Crossing Dodge – Frustrations of Home Dad

If you are ever wondering past a school in Queensland and you hear someone yelling out of their car window, "use the school crossing – don't be lazy!" That's probably me…  I'm sick to death of seeing high school students playing chicken with my 4×4 because one day instead of me it will be a

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