Crystallised Ginger

Mark Valencia 18 July 2021

Crystallised Ginger How to make crystallised ginger saucepanbaking paper 500 grams ginger (fresh large roots are best)1 cup white sugarqty water (as required for boiling ginger)100 grams powdered icing sugar


4 Clever Uses for Ginger- and How to Grow it!

Mark Valencia 16 July 2021

Ginger is a valuable ingredient in food and drinks the world over, not to mention expensive- yet it's easy to grow at home from just one bulb. A little bit

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Self Sufficiency- What is it & how to get started

Clissa 16 July 2021

So, you are thinking of taking that idealistic step away from the modern mainstream, and moving towards self sufficiency. It's a term we've heard a lot this past year, but

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Lazy Gardening: 5 Great Time Hacks that Get Results!

Clissa 14 July 2021

Something here for every critter and the trees I'll happily admit to practising the art of lazy gardening! Years ago, we used to make our gardens pristine, with rows of

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My Geodesic Dome Greenhouse (Part one)

Clissa 5 July 2021

L: Grow tunnel. R: Geodesic Dome Domes are such an ideal use of space in the garden, providing heaps of ground area as well as protected height if you need

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Aussie Native Edible Plants that Made it into our Gardens

Clissa 18 June 2020

Often the plants that grow the best are the ones totally adapted to the area they are growing in and whilst most examples in the home garden are ornamentals here

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Citrus Care Luvathon Time during Autumn (and CV19!)

Clissa 19 May 2020

Most of us have at least one citrus tree in our gardens. Be it a Meyer lemon down the backyard or a Kumquat in a pot on the front verandah.

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When the Going Gets Tough – the Tough Get Going!

Clissa 31 March 2020

Well, here we are at the beginning of a brave new world having been dragged kicking and screaming into this new reality where we must learn to be more self-reliant

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These are both the same? According to Coles Supermarket

Mark Valencia 18 March 2020

According to Coles Supermarket here in Australia, a 2kg packet of plain flour is the SAME as a 1kg packet of self-raising flour - yes, I'm kidding you not... Let


Bush Bog

Mark Valencia 10 March 2020

This poem was salvaged from a scrap piece of lined A4 paper handwritten half in pen and then finished in pencil - I can't recall but my biro must have


Bush Bog

This poem was salvaged from a scrap piece of lined A4 paper handwritten half in pen and then finished in pencil – I can’t recall but my biro must have

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Rise of the Food Fermenters

Humans fermenting food to change/improve the taste, preserve it, or make it healthier is not a 1000 years old… it's more like 1000's of years old.  Indeed, over 2000 years

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