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These are both the same? According to Coles Supermarket

According to Coles Supermarket here in Australia, a 2kg packet of plain flour is the SAME as a 1kg packet of self-raising flour – yes, I’m kidding you not… Let me explain, but really, it’s Coles Supermarket that should be doing the explaining instead of me conveying my frustration on my self-sufficiency Blog Website.  Speaking

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Limited Sympathy For Live Sheep Export Farmers

It's unsurprising to me to see the rising swell of Australian's jumping on board the BAN LIVE SHEEP EXPORTS ship despite their conflicted goodwill towards our farmers.  I'm one of those people who feel sorry for the farmer and their family whose livelihood is wrapped up in the live sheep export business but then, on

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ABC’s Four Corners Farmers Sow Climate Change Crop of Crap

Fully State-funded Australian broadcaster and (practically) far left propaganda machine "Our" ABC goes on a soapbox rampage pushing their climate change religion once again through their flagship show Four Corners. This time in a desperate attempt to be seen as authentic, the show selected several actual farming businesses who claim to be in a constant

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