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When you watch a video on our YouTube Channel or read an article on our Website you automatically support Self Sufficient Me and we’re very grateful for that. However, there are other ways you can support our work (listed below) so we can continue to create even more content and share the benefits of self-sufficiency with as many people as possible. 

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The $5 tier allows access to extra content such as my podcast and the $25 Mentoring tier gets you direct & priority access to me via a VIP email where you can ask questions/advice and interact with me personally about your own projects etc. Support me on Patreon here 

Brands I Work With & Products I Recommend

Over the years, I’ve purchased and used a ton of products to help do what I do here on our property and I like sharing this information with you. One way I earn money is through affiliate links whereby I recommend a product, Brand, or service via a link on my Website and if you click on these links then subsequently make a purchase I get a small commission at no extra cost to you – it’s a win-win! 

But there’s more! Often, I will negotiate a DEAL with these Brands to SHARE my commission with YOU so that you can purchase the product at a discounted rate. Also, I am very particular about who and what Brands I work with so that when I do recommend something to you it’s a product or Brand I truly believe in and not just a way to earn a quick buck.         

The following lists are links to Brands and Products I use or have used that I rate highly and recommend:


Hoselink is a great family business with a typical story of what hard work and passion can create. Their products are developed out of solving problems for gardeners and anyone who has ever been frustrated when a hose or connection doesn’t operate as it should. Plus, the people who run the company are nice, down to earth, and fair. 

Use this link here to automatically get 10% off your purchase from the Hoselink store.   


Birdies Garden Products

Birdies (another family small business with a great idea and lovely people) were the first in the world to make and retail raised garden beds made from aluzinc and I immediately fell in love with them because I had been searching for a way to make gardening easier for myself with all my many ailments! 

I’ve been using Birdies Garden Beds since 2008. Stand-up gardening, less bending, less effort, makes gardening more fun and accessible to more people plus the aluzinc raised garden beds themselves are a top product! Highly durable, long lasting, strong, and they look AWESOME.

If you are in the USA check out my mate Kevin – from Epic Gardening here and use SSME2020 on checkout for 5% off.  

In Australia and New Zealand go to Birdies Garden Products Australia or Birdies Garden Products NZ  and use code SSMEbird for a 5% discount.

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