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Support me on Patreon here and help me to reach my goal of 1000 Patreons! Once I reach this goal I will remove display ads from this Website giving it a much cleaner look and making it easier for you to read.   

Patreon is a way for people to directly support their favourite artists to keep them doing what they do without having to worry about conforming to overlords such as corporate sponsors.

You (the fans) are who I am accountable to rather than a TV director, newspaper editor, or advertising agency pushing me to create sterile curated content instead of honest and natural information that you and I both want.   

On my Patreon Page over at Patreon you will find “Rewards” for each level of support. For example, there’s a $1 and $2 level for those who can’t (or prefer not to) spend too much but still want to support and the rewards are access to extra posts/images that I make on Patreon.

There’s also a $5 per month tier that gives Patreons access to exclusive content not found ANYWHERE else such as The Self Sufficient Me Podcast Show.  

And, the top $25 Mentoring Tier allows me to actually support YOU whilst you are supporting me! Via access to an exclusive VIP email address, you will be given priority support from yours truly to ask questions about or discuss your own journey into self-sufficiency.

I get over 1000 comments and questions from people each month, unfortunately, I can’t possibly reply to them all – however, I guarantee that you will be a priority under this tier. 


Perhaps you’d like to support us through buying merchandise from our online Self Sufficient Me Spreadshirt store?

There are several different designs and types of merchandise available such as T’shirts, Aprons, Mugs, and more! 

Plus, we will be designing more merchandise in the future so keep checking back. If you have an idea for a shirt or design you’d like then feel free to let us know.  

Equipment & Product List

Over the years, I’ve purchased and used lots of products/items here on our property and created some reviews on them too! One way I earn money is through affiliate links whereby I recommend a product or service via a link on my Website and if you click on these links then subsequently make a purchase I get a small commission at no extra cost to you – it’s a win-win!      

The following lists are links to equipment and products I use or have used that I rate highly and recommend:

Photo Video & Sound Equipment

  • Sony PXW-Z90 – here on Amazon USA
  • This is my main video camera (as at 2019) I’ve been very happy with the quality and performance of this camera. 
  • Sony Voice Recorder – here on Amazon USA
  • or eBay AU – This is the voice recorder I use for all my videos when wearing the Lav-Mic (below). 
  • Rode SmartLav Mic – here on Amazon USA
  • or eBay AU – This is the microphone I use with my Sony voice recorder. 
  • GoPro Hero 5 – here on Amazon USA
  • or eBay AU – I use this camera to film in small spaces or areas where my larger camera isn’t practical. 


  • Hoselink supports my content and I support their range of quality products as often seen in my videos such as the hose reel and watering gun in the banner below.  
  • Ryobi 18V Cordless One+ Reciprocating saw – I use this handy tool often in the garden to prune trees and for odd handyman jobs.  

New items are added/revised regularly to the list above so check back occasionally for updates.

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