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Go Jam Your Electricity One-Off Payment Up Ya Clacker Coalition Government!

In a spectacular admission of failed energy policy over the past 6 years, the Federal Coalition Government in Australia announced today a one-off cash payment in the upcoming budget to help people pay their skyrocketing electricity bills.  This "energy assistance payment" of $75 for singles and $125 for couples will go to pensioners, veterans, and

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I’m a MILLIONAIRE? Because I Own an Investment Property

According to Bill Shorten, the current opposition leader here in Australia, people like me are "millionaires" because we own an investment property. Happy days! If only it were true… The soon to be Prime Minister, if the polls stay on track into next year's general election (and they probably will) made the "millionaire" statement in

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You BASTARDS – ACCC Confirms Energy Coys Rip-Off

Yesterday, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a scathing report into the energy market here in Australia basically stating that the reason Australia's electricity prices are so high was due to collusion, greed, dishonesty, and incompetence of politicians, bureaucrats, and energy company executives.  For the best part of a decade elitists pushing green

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My Budget Reply Speech – Start Growing Your Own Food ASAP

I advise everyone who can grow food on their own property to do so or at least start preparing to become self-sufficient in as much as possible because I fear even harder times are coming…   Treasurer of Australia (The Hon Scott Morrison) has announced Australia's Annual Budget and already the rhetoric has outweighed the substance.   

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Merry ENERGY POVERTY Christmas From the Government & AGL

Let me set this article up first with this. During my military service, there were many occasions when I had no choice but to withstand terrible conditions. From the freezing cold nights standing wet and tired in a fighting pit to 50C° heat swallowing sand in the Sahara desert, I have had my share of

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