Our Kid’s School Shuns Climate Change Strike

There has been a whole lot of hot wind today and also over the past few weeks about the climate change strike by school students supposedly happening tomorrow across Australia.

I say "supposedly," because my kids don't know anything about any so-called climate change strike at all. Nothing. Nada. Sweet FA (Fanny Adams).

Why is that…? Is it because our school is determined not to waste precious learning time on a childish machination to virtue signal about something they know little about in the hope 15 minutes of fame may bestow them? Or perhaps our school has a bunch of right-wing bigotted teachers who won't allow such madness under their watch. 

Maybe it's due to the notion that in the minds of the kids at our school climate change is not "the great moral challenge of our generation." 

Or it just simply could be that my two boys are so disinterested in the whole climate change debate that they failed to recall any appointment they had to save the world tomorrow. 

But I find that hard to believe since our sons are always quick to inform us of any opportunity to not go to school, therefore, there must be another reason why our students won't be "woke" when they wake up tomorrow and go to school. 

I've thought long and hard about it and I'm pretty sure I know why a school like ours fails to participate in such an epic day for humanity.

We're not rich enough… 

Low socioeconomic areas like ours simply can't afford to take a day off to show the world how perfect we are and how much we care. I know… It's sad, isn't it?

Renewables aren't cheap ya know! Solar panels don't grow on trees and those giants who blow to make the wind turbines turn need lots of food to keep their energy up. 

That's why the people in our community need to work every spare minute they can to afford the constricting cost of living pressures faced by their family every day. 

And, the children in our community need every spare minute they can get to learn because it's hard enough these days to obtain a basic education. 

There's no time for striking! Skyrocketing electricity bills need to be paid lest little Johnny does his homework in the dark and eats cold canned tuna for dinner. 

Oh well… I guess our children will have to accept that they aren't privileged enough to proudly march heads held high proclaiming loudly that the end of the world is nigh (unless we pay more money to fix it). 

If only there was another way to squeeze more money out of poor people so collectively we could support rich people's investments in renewable energy companies. 

Honestly, there's nothing more rewarding to us all than the rich parading their energy smart children front and centre on normie TV – we can certainly learn a thing or two from them that's for sure!    

Tomorrow, our kids will be going to school as usual with nothing remarkable planned, hopefully, they'll do some maths and English revision for their upcoming exams. 

P.S Seriously, I'm all for renewable energy but it must be practical and the economics should stand alone without making the vulnerable people in our society pay more and suffer for the virtuous wealthy.             


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