Feed Your Body Exercise

Our body was not designed to be sedentary, in fact, it was designed or evolved to be very active. Understanding this extremely important point is usually the difference between a healthy person and one who, through fault of their own, is unhealthy. Those who understand the true meaning of “feeding the body exercise” are often

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tinned protein substitution diet

The Tinned Protein Substitution Diet

This short article is about how you can easily lose a few of those extra pounds without making any large changes to your diet or going hungry. I first started to use the tinned protein substitution method of weight loss or weight control in my 20’s when I was at the peak of my fitness

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Traditional Food – The New Old Way of Eating

Traditional food is the new buzz word and healthy eating craze sweeping the world – well, the Western world anyway. Some people and certain entrepreneurs are pushing eating traditional like it’s some revelation when in fact it’s simply the food our grandparents mostly grew up eating.    Coeliac disease, irritable bowel, allergies, obesity, diabetes, heart

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fruit salad turned into fruit roll leathers

How to Make Fruit Salad “Yummy Yummy” Fruit Rolls/Leathers

Here’s a simple and frugal way to make a long lasting, healthy, snack that everyone (not just the kids) will absolutely love! I call it fruit salad “yummy yummy” fruit leathers, or rolls, or wraps… Don’t take this recipe for granted as it really is that good – I promise you. The combination of all

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Introducing Shelly as SSM’s Health & Fitness Writer

Self Sufficient Me (SSM) has some important and exciting news to share… We now have our very own dedicated health and fitness writer – Michelle Perrone (or Shelly to us) and she just happens to be one of the most experienced health experts in the Australian fitness industry!   Sometimes visitors to our site mistakenly take

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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wireless Headset for Running or Sports

There are many different types of wireless headsets/headphones to choose from but they are far from equal, and more so, certain traits make some designs/brands better than others.  In this short article, I’ll be giving my advice for choosing the best wireless headset for strenuous exercise, like running, based on almost 30 years of my

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Pesticides Kill 100’s of Native Birds and Australia Shrugs. Whatever

Our native birds are dropping like flies and almost two weeks since the first sightings of unexplained dead native birds in central NSW, Australia, only now has this concerning environmental disaster been reported to the public in any real sense. In fact, I have only personally heard reports about this incident on our National broadcaster

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Clean Living & Back to Basics For a Healthy Body Inside & Out

Clean living, diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercise…  So these are the ongoing topics of constant discussion I hear in my work environment (as a master PE teacher) or when I’m training my clients, I come across these buzzwords in every magazine and paper I read, and I see them play over and over during both

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Eating Weeds is the “In-Thing” But, Not for Me

Eating weeds might be the trendy thing to do and talk about at the moment amongst frugal living, self-sufficiency, survivalists, preppers, hippies, raw foodies, and organic gardeners but I really question the effort in opening the subject up to the wider community. With obesity becoming the number 1 threat to world health and dietary related

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