Introducing Shelly as SSM’s Health & Fitness Writer

Self Sufficient Me (SSM) has some important and exciting news to share… We now have our very own dedicated health and fitness writer – Michelle Perrone (or Shelly to us) and she just happens to be one of the most experienced health experts in the Australian fitness industry!  

Sometimes visitors to our site mistakenly take SSM for another gardening website – we’re not, and we don’t apologise for it.  As you may already know, Self Sufficient Me (SSM) is not just about growing our own food, keeping chickens, or DIY tasks around the home, as good as these things are, we’re much more than that… In fact, SSM has always been about focusing on a holistic approach to life in general which encompasses many different disciplines for self-development, saving money, and all aspects of good healthy living including exercise and fitness.   

However, I must confess, SSM hasn’t overtly focused on producing regular fitness content – until now…  We are proud and excited to introduce Shelly as SSM’s dedicated health and fitness writer. What I love about Shelly (and what you’ll love too) is how she is what she says and practices what she encourages others to do in order to improve their own fitness and health.

A bit about Shelly

Shelly lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and she’s married with two children (boys). She has been in the fitness industry since leaving school and indeed was a very active child with high achievements in PE and sports all through her schooling days.

In the early 90’s, Shelly graduated as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the Australian Army and later became a PTI for the elite SAS training Australia’s top soldiers over in Perth, Western Australia, and being the first female to ever hold such a position.

Also at the time, she was selected and appeared as a challenger on the hit TV show Gladiators where she represented the Australian Army and gave the competitors (Gladiators) a very tough time due to her superior aerobic fitness.

Later in the mid-2000’s, Shelly completed her teaching degree and became a PE teacher ending up on the sunny Gold Coast where she is now the Sports Master at her school and a very popular teacher.    

Shelly is not a “do as I say” person she’s more a, “I’ll do it with you” kind of woman and that’s why she has such respect from her students, friends, family, and colleagues. Her old Army values of leading from the front and don’t leave anyone behind have never left Shelly and this ethos shows in her work and private life.

I have no doubt over the coming months we’ll all benefit from reading Shelly’s fitness words of wisdom here on SSM so be sure to watch this space for Shelly’s SSM fitness articles!   

See more about Shelly on her Bio Page.

Mark Valencia – Editor SSM

Respect your body and keep it healthy through regular exercise…



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