Salmonella Strikes Salads – Why Packaged Lettuce is DANGEROUS

Over the past few days, fresh food retailers and supermarkets across Australia have recalled packaged lettuce and removed these products from their shelves due to a disgraceful outbreak of salmonella poisoning from Victorian company Tripod Farmers. I say disgraceful because has anyone learnt anything from the Nannas frozen berry food poisoning outbreak last year! It

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Why We Should Pay More For Pesticide Free Tea

There's mounting evidence that people are increasingly and unknowingly being exposed to cancer causing agents through the food we consume. Some of the most common things we eat and drink and take for granted in our diet are possibly killing us! Tea is one of these products. It's universal, it's a pleasant beverage to consume,

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Sugar is a Drug – The Childhood Sugar Addiction

Are you frustrated as a parent trying to manage the sweets, lollies, and other unhealthy snacks/treats in your household? Do your children constantly raid the pantry and kitchen cupboards and steal sweets or other junk food when you're not looking? If this is happening to you then you are not the only parent to be

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Forget Exercise or Diet & Make “What Others Think” Key to Get in Shape!

My wife's successful weight loss and fitness journey inspired me to write this article. Over the past 12 months, I've seen first hand how my wife transformed her body shape by shedding over 12 kgs (24 pounds) and improved her fitness level by using what "others think" as a motivational tool. Her outstanding achievement and transformation was amazing

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Do Muscle Building Shakes Really Work?

Muscle shakes to build bulk? I often get frustrated when I see muscle building shakes or drinks advertised as a quick fix way to build muscle and strength. Therefore, I decided to write this small post in the hope it may shed some truth to anyone who is interested in the subject of gaining muscle

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Ditch the Gloves & Use Laundry Sponges for Weights Training Instead

Sponges for lifting weights is the go! A tip for those getting into body building, weight training just for fitness, and lifting heavy things in the gym is to use standard laundry sponges instead of expensive weight training gloves during their workout. Personally, I hate wearing gloves when I’m doing a weights training session because,

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The Weigh In...

Self Sufficient Fitness Health Exercise & Wellbeing

Introduction The ethos behind Self Sufficient Me is as much about health & fitness as it is growing your own and eating healthily. Therefore, I hope some of you enjoy reading my take on the subject of self sufficient fitness because eating healthy and growing organic food is all good but unless you include some

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How to make healthy banana chips

Banana Chips with a Food Dehydrator

This article was updated on 12 Oct 2014. I thought I'd knock-up this quick guide to making banana chips, whilst I think of it before I end up archiving my images and forgetting about them – as I can do. Banana chips don't need any big introduction and they are so simple to make that

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10 Reasons To Garden

Gardeners already know the secret soothing effects gardening has on the mind because it's what keeps them/us out there pottering around. Are we born gardeners? I think there's a gardener in most people and there would probably be more people in the garden if they had the time but unfortunately spare time is somewhat scarce

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Home Gym treadmill and bike

Is A Home Gym Worth it?

Last night I played my usual weekly club tennis and as usual I came home tired and sodden with perspiration after the workout. Who would think tennis could be such a good workout? But it is… Our Monday night competition (at the Caboolture Tennis Centre) consists of 12 teams x 4 people played on 12

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Exercise signs stop

Getting Back Into Exercising Developing a Health & Well-Being Mindset

Introduction With the risk of pure contradiction and justifying someone's slackening off for no good reason, this article is about getting back into exercising and turning the motivational cog again. Understanding the mindset and persuading ourselves to not only know regular exercise is good but to want to exercise regularly is what I explain in

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Example of wrong and correct running positions

Running/Jogging Risk Management To Keep You Safe

Introduction When running we should always have a plan in mind of how to escape an unexpected, potentially life threatening situation and evasive action means taking an immediate measure (like diving to avoid a collision with another vehicle or person) to evade the possible consequences of an incident.    This article explains how to turn

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food test lab

Simple Food Made With Poison, Pesticides, And Other Chemicals

  More cynical is one way to describe how view the world these days. For me, it’s a trait which has developed from life experience and knowledge gained along the way because I believe most people become a little more cynical as they get older. When I first joined the Army at just 18, I was

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Fat pigs bum

So, why are we all still getting fat anyway?

For several years now (perhaps even the last decade) alarm bells have been ringing about the rise of obesity. I find it odd how the mainstream news, current affairs, and media in general regurgitate the same dire warnings about how the “world is getting fatter” like it’s the first time this phenomenon has ever been

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ambulance parachuting accident

Serious Injury or Illness – And, The Road to Recovery

Not all of us get through life unscathed, and the chances are most of us at some point in time will need to recover from a serious injury or operation due to some unforeseen event, injury or illness. Rehabilitation and recovery from a traumatic physical injury or illness is a steep mountain to climb and

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