Ditch the Gloves & Use Laundry Sponges for Weights Training Instead

Sponges for lifting weights is the go!

A tip for those getting into body building, weight training just for fitness, and lifting heavy things in the gym is to use standard laundry sponges instead of expensive weight training gloves during their workout.

Personally, I hate wearing gloves when I’m doing a weights training session because, firstly, they look stupid; secondly, and most importantly, gloves are an impediment to a workout rather than a help. The reasons I say this are:

  • Sweat – The constant wearing of gloves during a workout makes the hands wet with sweat more so than no gloves at all.
  • Stinky – In line with the above, weight training gloves get stinky and grotty.
  • Durability – I’m yet to own a pair of weight training gloves which actually last.
  • Expense – Weight training gloves are way overpriced, in particular, the better quality brands.   
  • Grip and hold – Sure gloves can assist in gripping the bar on a set of weights but I argue the grip and hold (from a comfort sense) is overrated.

A standard set of laundry sponges purchased from the supermarket is a much better alternative to gloves when it comes to weight training.

I like the medium sized sponges about 10 mils thick and just bigger than the size of a hand but it doesn’t matter too much. Most sponges can be used for weight training and if they turn out to be too large then they can simply be cut down to size. No need to fret over glove sizes because the beauty of sponges is there isn’t any sizes needed to fit as they’re universal.

Sponges allow for a solid non-slip grip on a weights bar and makes the hold very comfortable. Also, because they are not worn on the hands the sponges can be placed down between sets/exercises letting the hands and sponges to air-out.

Price is the other big advantage with a pack of four sponges only costing a few dollars; whereas, a good set of weight training gloves can set you back more than $20 or even $50! Sponges can be shared if need be between people and can be easily squashed into a gym bag.

Next time you’re up for some new weight training gloves consider buying a set of home brand laundry sponges from the shop instead and give them a go in the gym – you won’t be sorry, and you’ll feel like a sponge from then onwards…        


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