5 Ways to Drink Turmeric

Long prized for its health-boosting and purported medicinal properties, turmeric (curcuma longa) is a flowering plant in the ginger family. This heat-loving perennial is easy to grow at home if you can provide the right growing conditions. But beware- growing turmeric is addictive, and the harvests can be huge!

Turmeric is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Low-calorie, high in bioactive compounds and thought to promote heart health, the potential health benefits of turmeric are numerous. Studies in humans have shown that curcumin has anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antioxidant properties (34678). Luckily, these are easily harnessed by imbibing turmeric daily in a drink format.

Freshly harvested turmeric

Using Turmeric

While the entire turmeric plant is edible, it’s the plump, orange rhizome that is the focus & easiest to use. This rhizome, or tuberous root has a warm, earthy flavour profile which is slightly spicy & reminiscent of ginger. And just like its cousin ginger, turmeric is suitable for adding to a variety of both food and drinks.

Curcumin is the component of turmeric that contains the most active beneficial compounds. Unfortunately, curcumin is difficult for the human body to absorb when taken on its own- but never fear- there are a couple of ways to improve absorption for greater health benefits.

Black pepper is commonly paired with turmeric in turmeric coffee, golden milk lattes, and other dishes because it contains the compound piperine, which helps boost absorption of curcumin. Additionally, curcumin is fat-soluble, so consuming it with fat may increase its absorption. As such, adding a source of fat such as milk, cream, butter, oil or coconut oil in with turmeric may help you absorb this compound more effectively.

turmeric tea

Turmeric Tea

It’s easy to make a simple turmeric tea; all you need to do is steep fresh or dried turmeric in boiling water. Let the turmeric sit for 3-5 minutes then strain (if necessary) before consuming. Expect to find an earthy yet spicy taste which is at once bitter and sweet. In fact, Its flavour is reminiscent of ginger, which is no surprise, as turmeric and ginger are both in the zingiberaceae family of plants. Honey or sugar can used if you want to add some sweetness, and lemon juice is another optional ingredient that can be used to jazz up the taste.

You can also include some turmeric in with other types of tea- in fact, why not experiment? Turmeric can go with standard black tea, green tea, or a variety of herbal teas. Cold-brewed tea with turmeric is good too; all you need to do is steep some turmeric in water and refrigerate the mixture for 24 hours, then strain before drinking.

Turmeric Coffee

As the name suggests, you can enjoy turmeric in your daily coffee, and it’s as simple as adding in a spoonful of powdered turmeric. Whether you’re using a machine, a plunger or a quick instant, including some turmeric into a cup of coffee is a quick and easy way to give yourself a daily boost. Turmeric is naturally caffeine-free, so there’s no need for concern about over-caffeinating yourself either!

Golden milk latte

Golden Milk Latte

A warming hot drink in the realm of tea & coffee, a golden milk latte is a traditional Indian drink with turmeric and milk as its main ingredients. The turmeric creates a wonderful golden yellow colour, and you can build upon its flavour by adding other spices like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla. The milk can be dairy or plant-based, and if you want it a little sweeter, don’t be afraid to add some honey.


Turmeric is an easy addition to smoothies, whether they are vegetable or fruit-based. Citrus and pineapple go particularly well with turmeric, and 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon is a suitable quantity to add to a large smoothie. Don’t forget to include some ginger as well, as together they make a fantastic flavour base.

Turmeric wellness shots are an ideal way to give yourself a daily vitamin boost

Wellness Shots

When you want a little fresh vitamin boost but aren’t quite up for a large juice drink, then a ‘wellness shot’ might be just the thing. Wellness shots are a perfect everyday vitamin hit which are particularly beneficial when you’re feeling a little under the weather. To make a basic version, all you need to do is add a few ingredients to a blender, mix them well, then strain the juice into a glass. A good combination to start with is the juice of a lemon, the juice of an orange, a small finger of turmeric, a small knob of ginger, and a dash of black pepper.


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