Where to Buy Fruit Trees in Australia

With the ever-changing retail landscape and growth of online shopping, local nurseries are no longer omnipresent. So for beginner gardeners in particular, the path to a glorious home orchard might not be clear. It can be hard to know where to buy from and which varieties will be best for you. The visual appeal of websites, too, can make things tricky, if not overwhelming. And while it can be tempting to look for exotic plants from far afield, that might not be setting yourself up for success.

Here, we have a look at sources for buying fruit trees in Australia, and break down the details to make fruit tree shopping easy for you. For vegetable seed shopping, we have a matching article on seed shopping for you here.

Points to Consider

Buying trees from your own climate zone gives you the best chance of success. Fruit trees have more specific climatic needs than vegetables, and while you can stretch this somewhat, you do need to be mindful of their ideal growing conditions. Many fruit trees require a minimum number of chill hours in order to set fruit, so it’s important to be conversant with your own climate zone and microclimate before you buy. If you’re in a subtropical or warmer growing zone, check out our article on some of the unusual fruit trees that suit your climate.

Travel time in the post is another potential concern. Be mindful that every day a live plant is sat in a dark box, handled multiple times and kept without water, will reduce its strength. Online nurseries are well aware of this so only post on Mondays so that plants aren’t held up in the post for longer than necessary. Nevertheless, be mindful that lengthened travel time will adversely affect your plants.

Note that many fruit tree suppliers listed below don’t send to South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory. This is due to strict interstate quarantine regulations which are in place so that the movement of pests, diseases and weeds are limited. You can read more about that here. Length prevents the below list from being exhaustive, but the choices provided give you an enormous variety to choose from.

Sources for Fruit Trees

Australian Plants Online– this Sunshine Coast-based specialist tubestock nursery is online-only (with click-and-collect for locals). Initially, wholesale-only, they now sell direct to home growers as well. Despite having a large range, citrus, olives and berries are the only fruit trees they stock. One of the few that send to NT and Tas.

Citrus Men– as the name indicates, this online-only nursery specialises in citrus trees with over 60 varieties to choose from. Pickup is not available. Posting to every state except WA. Selected accessories also available.

Daleys– well-known and respected in seQLD, this family business has run from a property just over the border in NSW for more than 35 years. Daleys offer a wide range of nut, fruit, berry, rainforest and ornamentals to the public, who can shop both in person and online. While they offer fruit trees for all climates, there is a strong focus on those suited to tropical and subtropical climate zones. Daleys provide excellent customer support, with their own Facebook group, website forum, booklets, blog, newsletter and more. this is one of the few online nurseries who send to W.A., and they do so on a biannual schedule.

Fruitopia– situated in suburban Brisbane, Fruitopia is an online-only nursery that sells a variety of unusual fruit trees that suit the tropics & subtropics. The website is arranged according to the origin of the tree, which makes navigation different to most other sites.

Gardenarium– Naming themselves a ‘one stop shop for every garden’, this long-established Mt Gambier nursery posts bare-rooted trees throughout Australia.

Fruit Tree Cottage– a family business on the Sunshine Coast that sells online and via their physical nursery (the latter Friday, Sunday & by appointment only). A local delivery service is also available. Range is fairly small and mostly offers standard varieties.

Garden Express– this Victorian gardening supplier stocks everything you need for gardening, and purports to have Australias largest range. They have a downloadable catalogue, a money-back guarantee and deliver to all states of Australia. Their blog covers a variety of plants and gardening topics.

Gardenworld Nursery– a comprehensive nursery in Braeside, Victoria, which you can visit in person as well as buy from online. They sell all sorts of plants, plus have a youtube channel and blog to help grow your gardening knowledge.

Greenpatch–  Established for 30 years, Greenpatch Organic Seeds & Plants sells online and from their farm shop just off the highway near Taree, NSW. Certified organic since 1993, Greenpatch offers 500 varieties of organic plants in their nursery, many of which are fruiters. While you’re at it, check out their range of heirloom seed. Does not send to WA or Tas.

Heaven on Earth Fruit Trees– operating from far north QLD, this online-only nursery has a unique approach. They sell larger, more mature trees than other nurseries, many of which are already fruiting at the time of purchase. Naturally, their range is focused on warm-climate varieties, and they stock some rare trees.

Hello Hello Plants– a family business that grows, supplies and retails plants in Melbourne. Selling online and from their physical nursery, they offer a wide range of edibles and ornamentals, including tropicals and bush tucker. Unusually, this nursery has their own delivery service throughout Melbourne & regional Victoria, and boasts the biggest range of plants in Victoria. They also run workshops write a blog, and can source any plant you want.

Heritage Fruit Trees– operating from a large farm in regional Victoria and focused on preserving heirloom fruit tree varieties, Heritage Fruit Trees claims to have Australia’s biggest range of heritage fruit trees, including dwarf, medium and tall options. They also sell a range of vines, berries and ornamentals. This is a comprehensive site run by Rob Pelletier, a well-known figure in the Victorian gardening world. Support and information is excellent (they include a section on calculating your chill hours!) and in-person workshops on a variety of topics are held regularly. You can also order custom-made engraved acrylic labels for your fruit trees, which ensures you’ll never forget which one is which.

If you can’t grow in-ground, never fear- most fruit trees grow perfectly well in large pots

Jez’s Seedlings– A firm favourite with seQLD locals, this burgeoning Brisbane southside business is an edibles-only nursery that does not sell online. Jez stocks a wide range of seedlings, fruit trees & gardening accessories, and updates his stock availability regularly via his Facebook page. More details on his website here.

Ladybird Fruit Tree Nursery– Ladybird Nursery is a family operated Garden Centre in Kallangur (North Brisbane), puporting to have QLDs largest range of subtropical fruit trees in stock. Visit & purchase in person (only) 7 days a week. The website boasts a helpful blog & a list of the trees available.

Lantophia Nursery– selling via ebay and their own website, Lantophia is a wholesale and retail tubestock grower of rare/exotic fruit trees & other edible plants. Operating since 2008, this Toowoomba operation sends to every state except WA & Tas, with contactless pickup available for locals. Their fruit tree range is modest, focused on figs, citrus and berries.

Melbourne BushfoodMelbourne‘s only specialist native food nursery. Started recently by a 20-somthing Melburnian, in conjunction with Aboriginal elders & traditional owners. As well as their range of hard-to-find Australian native food plants, Melbourne Bushfood sell an interesting array of pantry items such as chilli oil, teas, bush spices, syrups and chocolates. They buy from communities & small farmers, make their own products, and offer them wholesale and retail. You can shop online or visit their store in Fairfield.

PlantNet– a fruit & ornamental tree supplier whose head office is in Brisbane. This company is both a wholesaler and a retailer, supplying nurseries around Australia. Plants which cannot be delivered directly to NT, W.A. & Tas (due to quarantine restrictions) can be purchased at nurseries that PlantNet supplies.

When you grow your own fruit, fabulous desserts like our dragonfruit & finger lime sorbet are easy-peasy

Rayners Orchard– a family run, boutique fruit orchard in the Yarra Valley boasting over 450 varieties on sale. This comprehensive establishment offers in-person and online shopping, a cafe, farm tours, pick-your-own-fruit, tractor fruit tasting tours, childrens parties, a wedding venue, school holiday activities and a farm shop. More for shopping in person than online.

Ross Creek Tropicals– Located just out of Gympie, QLD, this is an online nursery which also offers a click-and-collect service if you’re local. This nursery is also open Thursday-Saturday to the public and Tuesday/Wednesday by appointment. Boasting a wide of range of tropical varieties and rare tropical fruits, this is definitely one to look at if you’re in a warm climate zone.

Templex Nursery– If you’re in Brisbane, this long-established, family-run physical nursery is a gem. At Algester on the southside, this is a large nursery that might take a while to get around- in a good way! Knowledgeable and friendly staff are happy to give advice which is a real bonus, especially for newbies. No online shopping. Open 9-4pm, Wednesday- Monday.

The Diggers Club– based in Victoria, this well-known gardening ‘club’ offers a small range of fruit trees in addition to their standard range of seed and plants. A paid annual membership fee gains you cheaper purchase prices. More info here.

The Fruit Tree Guy– one for South Australians, the Fruit Tree Guy is a home-based fruit tree nursery in Port Willunga. Specialising in stone fruit, apples, pears, almonds as well as a full range of citrus trees. Also selling garden beds, greenhouses, ornamentals and seeds, with a delivery service available.

Woodbridge Fruit Trees– a small family owned nursery in Cygnet, southern Tasmania. Primarily a mail-order nursery which sends out bare-rooted trees in winter only, they post to every state except WA. With a strong interest in heritage varieties, woodbridge prides itself on grafting with quality rootstock to give you a premium product. Focused on cold climate fruit trees with moderate to high chill hours.

Yalca Fruit Trees– based just out of Shepparton, Victoria, this company offers a wide range of fruit trees for the home grower. They take pre-orders throughout the year, and post trees from June to September when the trees are dormant. This allows you time to get them planted before spring, which is when they start growing.


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