Where can I Buy Seed From in Australia?

With the advent of online shopping, there is now a plethora of websites offering vegetable seed to the home gardener. So much so, that it can be difficult to choose what to buy & where to buy from.

Buying seed from your own climate zone gives you the best chance of success. Many of the seed businesses listed below are small family operations that save seed from plants they’ve grown themselves on their own property. As a result, seed will do best when grown close to its area of origin.

Here is a list of Australian-based seed companies that we know about, current at January 2024. Each entry below has a clickable ink direct to each site and a short summation. You’ll find that prices and packet sizes may vary between companies, resulting in seed as cheap as $1.50/packet, right up to $7/packet.

Once you’ve bought seed, don’t forget to store it appropriately! For best germination rate and prolonged shelf life, store seed in a dry place with cool temperatures with low humidity. If you’re in seQLD, this can be difficult- consider storing seed in an old fridge, wine fridge or similar.

Types of Seed

GMO– is seed that has been genetically modified, specifically to be resistant to pests and/or herbicides such as round up. This seed looks like any other, and has no particular visible characteristics. For commercial crops only and not available for retail sale to home growers.

Hybrid– seed from plants that have been deliberately cross-pollinated. Widely available, and packaging will labelled ‘F1’. Hybrid seed germinates reliably and grows strong plants with good disease resistance, so can be good for beginners. Its seed should not be kept as it will probably not grow true to type.

Open-Pollinated– seed that has come from plants that are naturally pollinated by insect, bird, wind, humans, or other natural mechanisms. They will produce plants that are basically identical to their parent plant. These seeds can be saved.

Heirloom– also called heritage seed. Open-pollinated seed that has been saved for many generations. Heirloom varieties tend to be older varieties, often ones that were popular in the 1920s-1950s.

Organic– seed from plants that have been grown organically. This means that absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals have been used in their cultivation for at least 3 years. using the standards established for Certified Organic farming.

If you find growing from seed a little difficult or fiddly, using seed raising pellets helps. Here’s our how-to guide

Boondie Seeds– Boondie seeds is a small Australian seed business based in the New England region of NSW. Offering vegetable & flower seed, some herbs, bulbs & plants. Non-GMO seed, majority heirloom & and open pollinated varieties, suitable for seed saving. Includes potatoes and garlic.

D & H Seed Harvest Co.- Long-established Tasmanian seed company offering vegetable, flower and herb seed via their website. D & H offer seed subscriptions by type, so you can (for example) subscribe to ‘flower seeds’ for $10 a month which nets you 5 packets of seed plus a freebie each month.

Daleys– Located in northern NSW, Daleys is a specialist fruit tree nursery boasting a wide variety which now includes indoor and non-fruiting plants. You can shop in person or online, and their packaging is second-to-none. Daleys also provide a Facebook group, newsletter, online forum and youtube channel to set you up for success.

Diggers Club– More than just a seed supplier, the Diggers Club is a ‘gardening club’ which offers in-person shopping, garden tours, an outdoor cafe, information and more. Long-established and well-known, Diggers Club request that you pay an annual membership fee, which entitles you to cheaper seed, limited free seed, advice and more. Based in Victoria.

Ebay– You can buy just about anything on ebay- including vegetable seed and live food plants! While prices may be cheap, the huge number of sellers does make it something of a gamble, as quality control may be poor. On the upside, you might find some rare varieties here, as home sellers often list rare heirlooms. Additionally, be wary of false claims and poor seller ratings.

Eden Seeds– Well-established company with a huge catalogue of seed, bulbs, gardening books, live plants, herbs, food forest trees & gardening accessories, located at the Gold Cost Hinterland. Eden seeds are available in selected nurseries and online via their website. They offer 2 ranges of seeds, ‘Eden Seeds’ and ‘Select Organics’, the latter is certified organic. Eden produces an annual catalogue which is available as a PDF or hard copy.

Greenpatch– Established for 30 years, Greenpatch Organic Seeds & Plants sells online and from their farm shop just off the highway near Taree, NSW. Certified organic since 1993, Greenpatch offers 230 varieties of organic seed and 500 varieties of organic plants in their nursery. Heirloom seed is a focus of their business, which also wholesales.

Happy Valley Seeds– A newer, Sydney-based business that sells over 1500 varieties of seed, bulbs, crowns, canes, seed potatoes, fertiliser, gift vouchers & garden tools. Their range is impressive, bigger than average and prices are low.

Fair Dinkum Seeds– This is the one to go to when you want the unusual. Fair Dinkum is located at Gin Gin, QLD and sells heirloom seeds, cuttings, tubers, starter cultures, including native Australian bushtucker, rare fruit, unusual heirloom vegetables, species of herbs from all around the world, organic plant based insecticides and more. All work is done by hand and everything is organically grown. All seed orders are free postage within Australia.

Farmhouse Seeds– Operating from Daylesford, Victoria, Farmhouse seeds offers an average range of vegetable, herb & flower seeds at average prices. Free postage on orders over $A35.

Life Force Seeds– Based in New England, NSW, this family business offers a range of herb, flower and vegetable seed plus a few pots and succulents. Their range of vegetable seed is compact yet impressive, and includes some very desirable varieties. Seed is open-pollinated & heirloom and all processed & packaged by hand.

Love of Dirt– Selling seed from seQLD which is specially curated for hot & humid climates, Love of Dirts small seed range comes in resealable foil packaging. They also sell unique soil amendments such as volcanic rock dust, mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed saver. Love of Dirt offers monthly paid memberships which provide you with courses, e-books, planting plans, recipes & growing guides.

QLD Herb Society– While not a seed company per se, the QLD Herb Society does sell seed from the Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. at its annual ‘Herb Awareness’ fair. BOGI is a not-for-profit community organisation encouraging organic gardening, so the seed they offer is all from local growers and often unusual.

Seed Freaks– operate out of Tasmania and stock an extensive range of vegetable seed, with a focus on heirloom and bean seed. Their seed is available in W.A. via a subsidiary site. Links to a seed saving chart, guide and sowing guide can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Seed Mania– a Canberra-based company supplying an average-sized range of vegetable and flower seeds. Prices are cheap, seed is not organic.

Seeds of Plenty– Based in Victoria, Seeds of Plenty buy seed from around the world and offer an impressively wide range. An easy-to-navigate website with clearly-labelled seed types make this a particularly easy site to buy from. Heat-sealed packaging to keep your seed fresh. (Psst! This is where we bought our exotic tomato varieties from).

Seeds, Seeds and more Seeds– Home-based family growers who sell via Facebook. Located in W.A. on a self-sufficient property, they offer vegetable and flower seed at very cheap prices with regular specials. All seed is from plants grown on their own property & they have been selling seed for over 45 years.

Survival Seeds– Established during the pandemic lockdowns and based in seQLD, Survival seeds occupies a unique niche by selling its heirloom seeds in combination packs. These (for example) are packs of around 10 varieties within a given category such as tomatoes, kitchen herbs, edible flowers, autumn/winter, etc. Grow guides are available for each variety via a QR code on the back of each pack.

The Lost Seed– Operating for over 20 years, the Lost Seed began in Tasmania but is now based in Toowoomba. This family business has a strong motivation to keep old/heirloom vegetable varieties available, and germination-tests all their seed. As well as an impressive range of seed, the Lost Seed also sells books, gardening accessories, bulbs, tubers (including potatoes and garlic), live plants, green manure crops, bulk seed, and more. They also run an interesting community seed bank.

The Seed Collection– Fast becoming a favourite among gardeners, the Seed Collection offers a good range of vegetable, herb and flower seed at very cheap prices. Their website includes a blog with all sorts of gardening advice, which you can access for free at any time. Other site features include a monthly seed subscription service, gardening supplies, and seasonal availability of garlic and potatoes. Note that their small plastic seed packets are not resealable.

Veggie Garden Seeds– An online seed reselling business that offers an average-sized range of vegetable, herb, flower & native seed plus some accessories, at average prices. No bulbs/tubers such as garlic or potatoes.

Wendys Garden– Located in W.A., this small seed business focuses on the W.A. market, which is restricted by virtue of its strict quarantine regulations. Wendy sells a wide variety of vegetable, flower and tree seed, some of which is F1 and/or chemically-treated. Very cheap prices with tons of regular specials.


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