Politicising Mental Health Issues is Mental

I've written several articles about mental health and this one on PTSD sums up my feelings perfectly, but everything I have written on this subject (so far) has been on coping with or managing mental illness – this article is different… This article is a kick in the arse to everyone who uses mental health issues as a

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This Article’s About Growing Food – Not Politics…

Introduction I know this save money by growing your own food subject has been covered ad nauseam over the past two decades; however, I have never written about the subject and mixed it with politics and today with the squeeze on peoples incomes all around the world becoming alarming I think both subjects could mix

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Are We Heading Back to the Protest Era?

Here I go getting political again… Protest movements around the world are rising like a phoenix song from the sixties. The times they are a changing – I can feel it too. Recently, groups like Occupy LA http://occupylosangeles.org/ have been camping out and “occupying” locations around Los Angeles associated with the wealthy, big corporations and stock

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Hen Gathering

Chicken Vs Goanna Vs Mortgage

I have a black hen who loves to come and visit me. She's a smart girl and definitely the smartest chicken out of all my hens and I say this because she's the only one (out of 15) that deliberately finds a way under my temporary fencing only to navigate 60 metres up to the

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Raspberries Home Grown

Save Time, Shop At Your “backyard-grocery”

Time-poor Many of us now live in a “time-poor” society and freeing up time or not wasting it is a business in itself these days with entrepreneurs cashing in on providing services and gadgets to save us a miserable minute. And, it isn't cheap either to free-up time but don't despair, because I've found a

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Paul Howes Attack on Small Farming Businesses Labelled Pathetic by Me

Paul Howes, the Australian Workers Union National Secretary, trade union heavy weight, probable future leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), and therefore possibly a PM of Australia one day, in a recent interview has essentially rubbished small farming businesses as worthless and advised “Ma and Pa” farmers to give up and make way for

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Cost of Living Pressures Causing One Term Governments

Incumbent governments worldwide are under increasing threat of becoming one term wonders due to the desperation and anger of struggling families trying to meet their ever rising household bills. People are venting their frustration at the ballot box and this in turn is making the overall situation worse economically due to the instability constantly changing

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