Politicising Mental Health Issues is Mental

I've written several articles about mental health and this one on PTSD sums up my feelings perfectly, but everything I have written on this subject (so far) has been on coping with or managing mental illness – this article is different…

This article is a kick in the arse to everyone who uses mental health issues as a weapon to take down others. 

Now, I understand the difference between mocking people or politicians on their mental ability who make stupid decisions or hold a view different to one's own; however, to deliberately disingenuously and publically use the prospect of a person's mental state as a way to destroy them for your own personal gain is one of the lowest things I have witnessed in modern times. 

To be crystal clear, I have no problem with people having their character questioned or criticised about their actions, what they say, or what they stand for, but to weaponise mental health on the basis of rumour or trivial matters with the aim to hurt their professional credibility or silence them is a bastard act. 

No person (not even the President of the United States of America) should be subjected to public mental health assessments from armchair psychiatrists as a way to defeat them or serve a separate agenda. If there is a genuine concern for someone's mental health then this should be conveyed discreetly and with the welfare of that individual in mind so if the person in question really does have a problem they can receive appropriate care. 

After all, aren't we supposed to be living in an age where to "trivialise" mental illness is a politically incorrect no-no? Isn't it "progressive" to not demonise people with mental health problems? Aren't we supposed to treat mental illness like any other "injury" etc, etc, blah blah blah…         

Well if that's the case, why then, is it ok to openly question the mental health of some people in prominent positions and not others? Why does the media support attacking the mental health of some but then criticise others who do the same? Different rules for different people I suppose. 

With most of the population suffering from mental health problems at some point in their lives, to apply the "you're unfit to do your job" rule, to everyone would no doubt bring the world to a pretty quick stop. 

When you see or hear the mainstream media question the mental health of someone based on gossip and hearsay turn it off and consume something else. We shouldn't reward those who use the seriousness of mental illness as a trivial way to denigrate their opponents and then hypocritically advocate for better resources for those who do suffer from mental health issues.      

Get off your high horse and stop using mental health as a weapon against people you don't like.   



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  1. I totally agree with you concerning mental health. My wife and I where on the Housing board for mental health in NSW. Congrats for being public with your thoughts. We loved the Mulberry pie recipe mouth watering and it goes down so well. Please keep up the brilliant work you are doing. Regards Karmamitra and Dayamitra.

    1. G’day Karmamitra and Dayamitra and thanks for taking the time to comment! Also, thank you for your work in this important area of health and I’m glad you liked the mulberry pie (they are now in season). Cheers 🙂

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