Green Mango Chutney

It’s always a conundrum when unripe fruit falls from a tree. Should you bin it? Compost it? Or try to ripen it? Fruit that has been damaged or nibbled at by large pests like bats or possums is best disposed of, but unspoiled pieces can definitely be eaten- when they’re mangoes, at least! Green mangoes

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Traditional Lemon & Passionfruit Butter

This traditional lemon & passionfruit butter tastes like nostalgia- and don’t we all love a bit of that?! Many of us remember our grandmothers making these sorts of spreads, and there’s no reason not to continue the tradition. And don’t think that there’s magic or trickery involved because Nana made it- it’s really very simple!

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Rhubarb Raspberry Jam-filled Cupcakes

When you make our rhubarb raspberry jam, you can make these delicious jam-filled cupcakes to go with it. The recipe is easy and it’s a big hit in my household. They somehow disappear in no time! The rhubarb raspberry jam is a very ‘clean’ recipe. It consists of nothing more than fruit and rhubarb. This

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Rhubarb Raspberry Jam

This rhubarb raspberry jam is so versatile that it’s more than just a jam! Naturally it’s fabulous on toast & breads, but it makes an interesting addition to pancakes, yoghurt or a filling for our rhubarb redcurrant pie. Why not try it as a filling for these rhubarb and raspberry filled cupcakes– they are sooooo

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Rosella plant red calyx and flower

How To Grow Rosella & Make It Into Jam?

Article updated on 24 May 2019 When I first saw rosella seedlings in the nursery I must admit to having little knowledge about the plant except for knowing great jam can be made from the “fruit.”    And, I further have to admit purchasing these seedlings without the slightest research into how to actually grow

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