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Why You Need a Holding/Isolation Pen for Sick Chickens/Hens

One of the biggest infrastructure mistakes some people make when they first start keeping chickens is not building a holding or isolation pen at the same time as they build the coop and run. Holding/isolation pens are not often discussed in the mainstream when talking about keeping chickens or other types of poultry – I

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Iron Deficiency – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Iron Deficiency Name of Disorder: Iron (Fe) deficiency Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Iron (Fe) deficiency in a Lemon tree (Citrus limon) Type of disorder: Nutritional Cause: Alkaline soil, lack of available Fe Host plant where found: Lemon tree (Citrus limon) Horticulture situation or host range where this disorder is typically

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Phytophthora Root Rot – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Phytophthora Root Rot Name of Disorder: Phytophthora Root rot. Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Phytophthora spp. Type of disorder: Fungus Cause: Phytophthora spp. fungus Host plant where found: Rhododendron Horticulture situation or host range where this disorder is typically found: Affects broad range of plants; from trees, ornamentals, native plants, fruit

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Passionfruit Woodiness Virus – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Passionfruit Woodiness Virus Name of Disorder: Passionfruit woodiness virus Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Potyvirus passionfruit woodiness virus Type of disorder: Virus disease Cause: The virus is spread by mainly two types of aphids; Myzus persicae and Aphis gossypii. The virus can also be spread mechanically. Host plant where found: Passionfruit

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Mechanical Plant Damage – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Mechanical Plant Damage Name of Disorder: Mechanical plant damage by Humans. Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Homo sapiens… plus incorrect use of mechanical tiller. Type of disorder: Physiological… joking. Physical damage mainly to root system. Cause: Poor work methods and incorrect planting. Host plant where example was found: Ligustrum undulatum “Lemon Lime

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Bacterial Blight – Disease/Disorder Collection

  Disease/Disorder Collection – Bacterial Blight Name of Disorder: Bacterial Blight Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Pseaudomonas syringae Type of disorder: Bacterial disease Cause: Bacteria in the Pseudomonas and Xanthomonas genera Host plant where found in this example: Mulberry (Morus spp.) Horticulture situation or host range where this disorder is typically found: Vast host

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Genetic Abnormality – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Genetic Abnormality Name of Disorder: Genetic Abnormality Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: NA Type of disorder: Genetic Abnormality Cause: This mutation or new characteristic is the result of an accidental change in a gene or chromosome.  Host plant where found: Dianthus Horticulture situation or host range where this disorder is typically

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Pittosporum Leafminer – Bad Bug To Have In Garden Pest

Pest Collection – Pittosporum leafminer Common Name: Pittosporum leafminer (lumps on leaves) Scientific Name: Phytobia pittosporphyllii Order: Diptera Host plant where this example was found: Native Daphne (Pittsporum undulatum Host range or situation where pest is usually found: Pittosporum spp. Predominantly P.undulatum/native lily pily Damaging stage (s): Female flies lays eggs below the epidermis on leaf

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some large variety tomatoes on bench grown in subtropical climate

How To Make A Strong Tomato Trellis (Plus Tomato Tips)

Tomatoes are an amazing fruit and the tomato plant is a wonderful act of nature. I’ve previously stated how easy it is to grow tomatoes; however, awhile back, a cousin of mine had a “bone to pick with me” when she read an article of mine referring to growing tomatoes as “easy.” She said that

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olive pest lace bug beign attacked by a spider

The Good Bug, Bad Pest, and Ugly Diseases In Our Backyard Gardens

If anyone is still undecided as to whether insecticides are dangerous to humans then they should read the news today about 20 school children who died in India over the past 24 hours after eating a school prepared meal, which allegedly had not been washed correctly before cooking. Apparently, insecticide was still on and in

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