Genetic Abnormality – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Genetic Abnormality

Name of Disorder: Genetic Abnormality

Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: NA

Type of disorder: Genetic Abnormality

Cause: This mutation or new characteristic is the result of an accidental change in a gene or chromosome. 

Host plant where found: Dianthus

Horticulture situation or host range where this disorder is typically found: Could affect any plant and can be mistaken for disease.

Plant symptoms: Interesting variegation on leaves. Symptoms only seen on one seedling out of thousands. Plant otherwise healthy and growing well.

Spread: NA

Conditions favouring: NA

Control options suitable for this situation: None, seedling will be monitored.

Identification Reference(including page no): Plant protection 1, p 397; Plant protection 3, p A9

The above information was kindly donated by Werner (Horticulturalist)


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