Iron Deficiency – Disease/Disorder Collection

Disease/Disorder Collection – Iron Deficiency

Name of Disorder: Iron (Fe) deficiency

Scientific name of pathogen causing disease: Iron (Fe) deficiency in a Lemon tree (Citrus limon)

Type of disorder: Nutritional

Cause: Alkaline soil, lack of available Fe

Host plant where found: Lemon tree (Citrus limon)

Horticulture situation or host range where this disorder is typically found: Alkaline soil; Fe deficiency will affect all Citrus

Plant symptoms: Youngest leaves affected first, leaves become light green fading to pale yellow. The process is gradual and the veins remain green. In severe cases the leave size will be reduced and dieback will occur. Fruit crop will be drastically reduced.

Spread: All Citrus can be affected if soil alkaline or not enough available Fe

Conditions favouring: Alkaline soil

Control options suitable for this situation: Test soil pH and rectify if to alkaline. Fertilize with good all round Citrus specific fertilizer. Fertilize with Iron chelate.

Identification Reference (including page no): Plant protection 3 p F43. What garden pest or disease is that? p 254

The above information was kindly donated by Werner (Horticulturalist)



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