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How to Grow Mint

Mint is one of the best-known and loved herbs. It’s attractive in the garden & versatile in the kitchen, with lots of different varieties to grow and try. You can add it to all sorts of salads, meals and drinks, and even freeze it in ice cubes. But if you don’t know how to grow

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How to Grow Sage

One of the best-known edible and medicinal herbs, sage has been grown for centuries in temperate areas of Europe. Part of the plant group known as salvias, common edible sage (salvia officinalis) is just one of over 900 types of sage, many of which are grown as ornamentals. This perennial herb has a reputation for

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How to Grow a Ton of Turmeric

Turmeric belongs to to the ginger plant family, and is one of the most famous foods in the world. This is due to its versatility in cooking and its medicinal qualities. I grow a ton of turmeric every year, and you can too- just follow these key points. Scientific tests have shown that turmeric stimulates

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Why You Need to Grow Comfrey

Comfrey is an herbaceous perennial herb originating in Europe. A fast-growing plant belonging to the borage family, comfrey doesn’t provide fruit yet has the widest range of uses in a permaculture system of any plant. If you’re aiming to take steps towards self-sufficiency, this is a must-have plant in your garden system. How Do I

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The Garden Dictionary

There’s so much to learn as a beginner gardener….To that end, here is a dictionary of important terms used in gardening. It covers everything except plants!

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4 Clever Uses for Ginger- and How to Grow it!

Ginger is a valuable ingredient in food and drinks the world over, not to mention expensive- yet it’s easy to grow at home from just one bulb. A little bit can go a long way, and we can add ginger to all sorts of drinks and food. And it has a ton of other uses!

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