Where Can I Find a Good Place to be Self-Sufficient?

Where can I find a good place to be self-sufficient is a question pondered by many people from young to old and rich to poor but seldom do you see this question really answered. There’s generally a lot of interest in self-sufficiency and people assume it’s a dream out of the reach of most in society.

The first thing that comes to mind when people consider, think, dream, about living a self-sufficient type lifestyle is where? But I argue the first thing people should be thinking about is how when it comes to self-sufficiency.

self sufficient house

And what I mean by how, is two important considerations or implementations and they are: the “right now” how; and, the “how do we get there” how.  Both of these how’s work together and simply entail what can we do to actually improve our self-sufficiency where we are at present and will these actions help us to become better prepared for where we perceive we might want to end up; for example, running our own 20 hectare organic farm and being totally self-sufficient.

Whether it be in rental accommodation, outer suburbs, inner city, unit living, or even multi-story apartments, we can all be more self-sufficient and by practicing self-sufficiency we learn skills along the way, which will benefit us immensely when we eventually do get the opportunity to acquire the property of our dreams.        

Too often we procrastinate because we look to the future in hope we’ll one day be in a better position to live the lifestyle we would prefer instead of doing what we can now and enjoying the rewards (even if they are not as pronounced as we’d like).

Therefore, if we consider finding a good place to be self-sufficient as a journey rather than a leap from inner-city living straight to the farm it’s not only less risk but it’s educational, fun, and almost living the dream. A journey towards self-sufficiency, could look something like this:

  1. Starting from an inner city apartment with some salad vegetables and herbs in containers sitting on a sunny windowsill or even an indoor grow room perhaps (depending on affordability).
  2. Then, to a unit/townhouse expanding the container garden into a courtyard and experimenting with some other potted vegetables.
  3. Next could be the inner city autonomous dwelling with a small backyard able to create your own vegetable garden in ground or in raised garden beds.
  4. From there, progress onto the outer suburbs and build on the vegetable garden making it larger and trying more complex crops. Start a small orchard with several popular, fast, and easy to grow fruit trees. Keep a few chickens and maybe some other species of poultry.
  5. After a stint in the outer suburbs you may be in a position to move to the regional fringe and into a small acreage where you’ll have even more freedom again to expand your self-sufficient empire. You can grow more food crops, keep more animals even a small amount of other livestock such as a cow, goats, sheep, pigs, etc.     
  6. All things being equal, with your self-sufficiency skills honed, and fire in the belly to go even further, you can progress (as many others have) to a hobby farm where you can not only live your self-sufficient dream in reality but you might also make good/reasonable money doing it!    
  7. Farmer – Your own self-sufficient fully productive farm, organic, green energy, recycling, environmentally responsible haven for you and your family. Anything’s possible as they say.

So instead of delaying or waiting for our self-sufficient living opportunity let’s work towards it and start now. As we progress through the stages so too does our self-sufficiency education and skills until it all accumulates at a point where we are truly satisfied.   

Having said that, you might be happy to stay at number 4 above or even 3 and be satisfied enough to end your self-sufficient journey there. More likely though, you’ll continue on until 5 or 6 or will you go the full self-sufficient monty at se7en? 

Ironically, some of us may end up in our later years back at number 2 after we can no longer physically maintain our larger lifestyle properties, but hey, if it happens like that then our planned journey of self-sufficiency was a complete success.       

As far as the literal answer to the question: Where can I find a good place to be self-sufficient? My belief is there are plenty of good places not far from where most people already reside and in some cases they already are in a good place to be self-sufficient… they just haven’t realised it yet.   

Want to talk more about self-sufficiency? Then, go here to our online community forum.

Mark Valencia – Editor SSM

Look, and see the Earth through her eyes…


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