Grow a Box of Fruit & Vegetables to Give Away!

Giving and receiving is part of human nature no matter how hardened one has become it still feels good to give and most would say even better to receive gifts! However, if you really want to step up the giving and receiving feeling even more then do it with something you can eat and particularly something you've made or grown yourself. Giving food is one of the most primaeval ways we can interact and show respect for each other – it's one of the cheapest and easiest also.

Even though in the western world food is mostly abundant, giving and receiving fresh fruit & veg, or homemade produce etc, is still regarded as extra special as it arouses those ancient feelings inside all humans about how important good healthy food is because at the end of the day our survival depends on eating.    

On our small property we grow heaps of fruit and vegetables but in the image above that big box of vegetables overlooking our allotment isn't from our garden. Those carefully nurtured and freshly picked veggies are a gift to us from my sister & Brother In-law. Now, some people may look at this situation and think why bother giving someone (like me) who is practically self-sufficient in vegetables even more produce? The answer is simple… My sister and Brother In-law understands the relevance/symbolism of giving food and how important it is to me and my family so a gift such as this can't get any better in my opinion plus it so happens we had a bad season in broccoli, didn't grow red cabbage this winter, and had run out of beetroot!

Of course, giving away a box of produce needn't be just to family & friends because it feels just as good to give it to anyone such as: neighbours, the local school, charity, sporting club, or even workplace. Sometimes an anonymous box of fresh fruit left on a bench with some plastic bags handy for people to help themselves really works a treat (even I should practise that more often)…   

These days the focus on food is as big as ever, most demand fresh produce and understand the importance of it but many of us with the capacity to grow our own fruit & veg still aren't motivated enough to do so. Perhaps, if we grow for ourselves with a mindset to also give away a box of fresh produce every now and then we can extend the values of healthy eating and lifestyle beyond our own kitchen and share it more intimately with others.

Yes, the gift of home-grown food is very special indeed not only because it was made with love and care but also what it symbolises: health, thoughtfulness, survival, persistence, lifestyle, and 1000's of other adjectives to describe such a simple but wonderful deed.    



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