Use Manure But Plants Still Not Florishing?

Manures are great for fruit and veg growing but sometimes poo just isn't enough

So you do the right thing and use natural manure on your garden but some of your plants and vegetables still fail to flourish or grow as good as they should – what's wrong?

Sometimes manures like chicken, cow, horse, sheep poo and other natural mixes (as good as they are) can lack vital minerals and trace elements needed by plants to grow well.

If these important nutrients are not present in enough quantities throughout the manures or medium (soil) the plants are grown, it won't matter how much "love" and manure you give they will still grow poorly.waterign can with healthy vegetables

Most edible plants food gardeners grow are not specifically adapted to the environment in which they are planted; therefore, we need to ensure these plants are given supplements to keep them healthy.

The best way to deliver these supplements is via commercial feeds or trace elements for plants. You can buy specific trace elements for particular species of plants or you can get a general trace element mix.

Another way is to introduce trace elements into the garden through compost, rock dust, shells (like oyster), and other safe natural elements that carry minerals or trace elements for the plants to access.  

In the end, if you are doing the right thing in your garden by using natural manures and compost to feed your plants but they are still growing lacklustre, then try using some trace elements (as directed) and you'll find your food crops bouncing back happy as ever!

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