weight loss

Best Ways to Quit Overeating

It's probably not the first time your diet has failed. Relax, it happens to all of us. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Don't be hard on yourself; it's not because you lack the will or you're just too lazy. Most of the time, the reason is that we go overboard with restricting ourselves.

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Sugar is a Drug – The Childhood Sugar Addiction

Are you frustrated as a parent trying to manage the sweets, lollies, and other unhealthy snacks/treats in your household? Do your children constantly raid the pantry and kitchen cupboards and steal sweets or other junk food when you're not looking? If this is happening to you then you are not the only parent to be

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Forget Exercise or Diet & Make “What Others Think” Key to Get in Shape!

My wife's successful weight loss and fitness journey inspired me to write this article. Over the past 12 months, I've seen first hand how my wife transformed her body shape by shedding over 12 kgs (24 pounds) and improved her fitness level by using what "others think" as a motivational tool. Her outstanding achievement and transformation was amazing

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The Weigh In...

Self Sufficient Fitness Health Exercise & Wellbeing

Introduction The ethos behind Self Sufficient Me is as much about health & fitness as it is growing your own and eating healthily. Therefore, I hope some of you enjoy reading my take on the subject of self sufficient fitness because eating healthy and growing organic food is all good but unless you include some

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How Much Sugar is in your Juice?

  Have you ever wondered what is really in a glass of fruit or vegetable juice? I have too. On the rare occasion when I do buy fruit or vegetable juice (because I prefer my own home-grown stuff), I often think about things like: how much is the juice watered down deliberately by the manufacturer;

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Exercise signs stop

Getting Back Into Exercising Developing a Health & Well-Being Mindset

Introduction With the risk of pure contradiction and justifying someone's slackening off for no good reason, this article is about getting back into exercising and turning the motivational cog again. Understanding the mindset and persuading ourselves to not only know regular exercise is good but to want to exercise regularly is what I explain in

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Fat pigs bum

So, why are we all still getting fat anyway?

For several years now (perhaps even the last decade) alarm bells have been ringing about the rise of obesity. I find it odd how the mainstream news, current affairs, and media in general regurgitate the same dire warnings about how the “world is getting fatter” like it’s the first time this phenomenon has ever been

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tinned protein substitution diet

The Tinned Protein Substitution Diet

This short article is about how you can easily lose a few of those extra pounds without making any large changes to your diet or going hungry. I first started to use the tinned protein substitution method of weight loss or weight control in my 20’s when I was at the peak of my fitness

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Clean Living & Back to Basics For a Healthy Body Inside & Out

Clean living, diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercise…  So these are the ongoing topics of constant discussion I hear in my work environment (as a master PE teacher) or when I’m training my clients, I come across these buzzwords in every magazine and paper I read, and I see them play over and over during both

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