Spinach & Pumpkin Lasagna

This spinach & pumpkin lasagna is excellent yet unconventional. Taking inspiration from classic Italian cuisine and using ingredients I had on hand, this dish almost created itself. I like this style of cooking. Just seeing what is in my fridge, what I can use and creating a dish with my cooking instincts & intuition alone.

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Sicilian Chickpea & Spinach Braise (Vegan)

This traditional Sicilian chickpea and spinach braise is a resourceful meal derived partly through tradition and partly through need. My grandparents came to Australia in the early 1950s armed with gardening knowledge but little else. While they quickly established a productive vegetable garden, grandads fledgling fishing business didn’t always bring home the catch of the

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Spinach sauce with pasta

This recipe is nutrient dense with spinach goodness! You can use a lot of it in one dish and you can use all types of spinach for this recipe. Of course this recipe is healthy, easy and, depending on the pasta and type of cheese you use, it can be vegan and glutenfree as well.

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