Where can I Buy Seed From in Australia?

With the advent of online shopping, there is now a plethora of websites offering vegetable seed to the home gardener. So much so, that it can be difficult to choose what to buy & where to buy from. Buying seed from your own climate zone gives you the best chance of success. Many of the

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Survival Seed Vault – Do You Have One Ready?

If you are not saving seeds for your food garden and prefer to buy seeds or seedlings as you require then you may need to rethink your growing strategy… In a food crisis the first things to fly off the shelf are the fresh and packaged food goods then after that it's all the seeds

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Best Places to Buy Plants & Seeds Online

Article updated on 9th November 2017 – Added additional retailer to list Most of us realise (and accept) the internet is changing our behaviour in many different ways and buying plants or seeds for the home garden is one them! I personally think the move towards online plants and seeds is a good change for

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