Our Kid’s School Shuns Climate Change Strike

There has been a whole lot of hot wind today and also over the past few weeks about the climate change strike by school students supposedly happening tomorrow across Australia. I say "supposedly," because my kids don't know anything about any so-called climate change strike at all. Nothing. Nada. Sweet FA (Fanny Adams). Why is that…?

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WARNING Your Kids Vs Adult Neck-Bearded Online Gamers is Risky

I thought I would write this article as a concerned parent to alert others who may be considering buying their children a gaming console for Christmas this year.  Our children have been playing console games ever since our eldest could handle a controller back in about 2008 and over the years I have been a close

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School’s NOT SunSmart & FAIL to Protect Kids From Skin CANCER

If you think your child's school has a good Sun Smart policy then you might want to double check before it's too late because just as I (and unfortunately my son) found out, using the catch phrases like: "sun aware or sun smart," doesn't necessarily mean the school will care… Background  On the 28th of Oct,

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