Real Truth about Mite & Lice Treatment for Chickens or Other Poultry

Introduction Article updated on 17th October 2018. Over the years as a backyard chicken keeper and breeder, I’ve heard lots of claims and remedies for how to safely treat mites or lice on chickens and other poultry; such as products like ivermectin, Maldison 50, Permethrin (synthetic pyrethrum), Carbaryl (Sevin), pest powders, dipping solutions. Or, more

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Citrus Bud Mite – Bad Bug To Have In Garden Pest

 Pest Collection – Citrus Bud Mite (deformed fruit) Common Name: Citrus Bud Mite Scientific Name: Eriophyes sheldoni Order: Acarina Host plant where found: Lemon tree (Citrus limon) in an ornamental garden setting. Host range or situation where pest is usually found: Citrus trees Damaging stage (s): Both nymphs and adults feed by sucking sap from

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