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7 Things You Can Bury in the Garden

Burying things in the garden benefits your plants and soil in a number of ways. It helps the environment by reducing waste and landfill. You will save on buying fertiliser and other costly additives that improve your soil. It even reduces your carbon footprint by lowering methane emissions. Let’s have a look at 7 of

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Why You Need to Use Ash in the Garden

Did you know that ashes from a fire can be spread around the garden to produce more, bigger, better and healthier fruit & vegetables? Well it’s true! Even better, it’s completely free, easy to make, and easy to use! In this article I’m going to explain how that works, how to do it, and why

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What to Use When You Have Run Out of Compost?

There’s arguably nothing better for your backyard garden than your own homemade rich compost made from kitchen scraps, grass clippings, and other organic garden waste. Compost adds nutrients to the soil creating food for plants, worms, fungi, and microbes it also helps give the soil structure and water holding qualities reducing the need to water

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Use Manure But Plants Still Not Florishing?

Manures are great for fruit and veg growing but sometimes poo just isn't enough So you do the right thing and use natural manure on your garden but some of your plants and vegetables still fail to flourish or grow as good as they should – what's wrong? Sometimes manures like chicken, cow, horse, sheep poo

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