Tomato and Green Bean Chicken Braise

There’s nothing like showcasing your favourite home-grown produce, and this simple braise does exactly that. Featuring the simple flavours of your organic tomatoes and fresh green beans, this tomato and green bean chicken braise is easy to make with your freshly-picked produce and a few pantry staples. There’s no point aiming for self-sufficiency if you

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Leek & Black Bean Soup with Parmesan

There’s nothing better than a low-calorie, quick, one-pot soup for a weeknight dinner…& it’s even better when you can pick most of the ingredients from your own backyard! Blessed with a big crop of leeks that were ready for harvest, I devised this hearty, filling soup that is super-simple and quick to make. A perfect

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10 Underrated Veggies for a Subtropical Garden

So many of us have come to live in subtropical climate areas from colder, more mild regions. Naturally, we have grown up eating traditional European vegetables, so when we become gardeners, those are what we try to grow. We soon realise that those veggies aren’t so compatible with humid subtropical conditions, and that we need

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