Beer Bread with Herbs & Nutty Topping

There’s an easy way to make your own bread at home- and here it is! In this simple recipe, beer takes the place of yeast and raises the bread for you. None of the yeasting, kneading, raising, and waiting is necessary here; you only need mix the ingredients together and bake. What’s more, this loaf

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Custard Apple & Cinnamon Teacake

A new take on an old favourite is always fun- but when the main ingredient comes from your own backyard, it’s even better! Blessed with a pest-free winter crop of custard apples, I’ve adapted the traditional teacake to allow the humble custard apple to shine. Custard apples are a fruit that many of us grew

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Pumpkin, Rosemary & Poppy Seed Cake Bites

The taste and texture of these pumpkin, rosemary & poppy seed cake bites strike a perfect balance. Think swoon-worthy sweet pumpkin pie with a light crunch from the poppy seeds. Think perfectly moist cake that’s as easy to eat as a biscuit…they’re all that and more. Naturally, freshly-picked organic, home-grown ingredients give the best flavour.

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