Self-Sufficiency Blogger Gets Writer’s Cramp but He’s Making a Happy Comeback!

Hi everyone! I’m baaaaack…

And, may I give a special hello to all those valuable regular readers of Self Sufficient Me and I’m so grateful you have continued to return to check our site out even though I haven’t posted any articles for about 6 weeks.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean I have not been actively working on the blog and other self-sufficient media it just means I had a short break from writing and publishing blog posts. Why? Well, I’ve had a lot going on over the past few months in my personal family life and I had to devote time to other things so writing took a backseat for a while.     

However, I did smash out quite a few videos such as: Natural Born Pekin Ducklings, No Fuss Backyard Grape Growing, Lacto Fermentation with a DIY jar, Crowd Growing Your Vegetables for Better Results, and How to Make Crunchy Banana Chips – you can see them and more on my YouTube Channel here.  

Also, I’ve been working pretty hard on our forum Self Sufficient Culture and I’m pretty happy with the way our online community website is coming along. Behind the scenes our reviews section is being developed into an excellent piece of software and I’m getting really excited about unveiling it to you all very soon!

Don’t forget to join our forum if you are the slightest bit interested in self-sufficiency and if you are not very “net savvy” don’t worry about it because using our forum to share your thoughts or information is easy as growing weeds.

Speaking of weeds, there’s been plenty going on with my own property and garden so because I haven’t been blogging regularly I now have even more information to share – it’s amazing how much material there is to write about when it comes to self-sufficiency.

In my part of the world (SEQ Australia) we’re just two weeks into our subtropical spring as at the writing of this post, and although many plants are best grown through our winter, spring is still a big growing season.

Food gardening excites me! Being part of the process to create wholesome, nutritious food is extremely rewarding and satisfying. To cultivate a food garden and watch it grow into its own ecosystem knowing it sustains us as well as thousands of animals is an amazing experience.       

All the above accumulates into one word… Happiness, and that’s the main reason I like writing/blogging about sustainability or self-sufficiency – is to share the happiness with as many other people as possible because being happy is nice kept to yourself but it’s much better shared.

Whether you’re busy into spring like I am at the moment or winding down in autumn as other places in the world are, be sure to find the time to share the happiness food gardening and self-sufficiency brings. And, on that note, I’ll get back into blogging on SSM (a little more regularly) now that I’ve had a break and my “writer’s cramp” has subsided…

Mark Valencia – Editor SSM

Look, and see the Earth through her eyes…     


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