Quick Jalapeno Pickle Hit (in under 15 minutes)

This is just a short article on how to quickly preserve excess jalapenos (and other chillies) through pickling. So if chillies through winter are difficult to grow where you are, then pickling them to save for the cooler times of the year is the way to go.


Pickled Jalapeno Chillies

Pickled Jalapeno Chillies in Jars

Step 1 (concurrent activities)

  • Grow then pick.
  • Whilst picking the chillies, be sterilising your pickling jars by boiling them and the lids/seals for 10 minutes.

Picked Jalapeno Chillies

            Freshly Picked Jalapeno Chillies

Step 2

  • Give chillies a quick rinse under water and then slice.

Step 3

  • Remove the jars from the boil set aside and tip the water out then give the pot a rinse with fresh water.

Sterilising Jars

        Sterilising by Boiling

Step 4

  • Add the chillies to the pot.Sliced Jalapeno Chillies
  • Add enough of the following liquid mix to cover the chillies:
    • 1 part plain vinegar (eg 1 x cup if making one medium jar)

    • 2 parts water (eg 2 x cups if making one medium jar)

    • ½ teaspoon salt per litre liquid (eg just under ½ tspn if making one medium jar)

    • 1 teaspoon sugar per litre liquid (eg just under ½ tspn if making one medium jar)

    • Stir to mix and turn the heat on.

Step 5

  • Bring to the boil then turn the heat off (should take about 5 minutes).

Step 6

  • Carefully place the chillies in jars and cover with the remaining liquid. Secure lids tightly and leave to cool.
  • Refrigerate or keep in a cool pantry for up to 6 months unopened.

Jalapeno and Cayene Chillies Pickled

Pickled Jalapeno and Cayene Chillies – It's just like having an outdoor pantry…


  1. You can experiment with the sugar and salt to sweeten or salt it to your taste.
  2. You can add other spices like dill, garlic or peppercorns etc.

  3. Pickling soon after harvesting is best.

  4. I include some cayenne chillies at the same time when making this batch.

That's all there is to 15 minute pickled chillies – now it's time to make another pizza 🙂

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