Hard Times Ahead – Start Growing Your Food Now! [Podcast]

In this podcast, I go for a walk around our acreage and chat about the possibility of a recession and how growing food can help.

I convey my thoughts on governmental "climate change" policies here in Australia and generally around the world vs practical environmentalism.

Also, I answer some common questions I get in the comments section on my YouTube Channel and I talk about some of the crops we are growing now plus a new chicken feeder I am currently testing. 

Note: Just a quick warning – If you are someone who believes we should be taxing people and raising energy costs to pay for action on "climate change" then you might want to skip this podcast. Thank you 🙂   

Mentions in this podcast: 4Ocean (the ocean clean up guys); Brookfield Poultry Online store (I've been buying my poultry equipment from these guys for 10 years); Buy the Feed-o-matic on eBay AU or Amazon USA 




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