New Dine-a-Chook PVC Chicken Feeder Design Would I Get One?


According to the maker of Dine-a-Chook chicken feeders their new PVC feeder is much improved – or is it?

This very popular selling chicken feeder seems to have had quite a substantial makeover with its new twist handle top lid for easy removal, moulded hooks for easy fixing to a wall or cage, and a dynamic new shiny storm cover to keep the feed dry; however the modification I am most interested in is the feed chamber/outlet itself.

Apparently, the feed chamber (where the chicken actually gets the feed from) has been redesigned to help stop the feed from being raked out all over the ground. This was a major problem with their previous PVC feeder and an issue which caused me to discontinue using the product. Interestingly, the previous feeder was also marketed as a "feed saving no mess" chicken feeder but when I mentioned the issues I had with their feeder to the manufacturer (Ryan) he suggested it was my fault for not placing the feeder at the correct height for my hens – whatever that would be… So, I did try altering the feeders height up down… up down… but nothing worked and my hens kept raking the feed out until there was a delightful mess all over the ground under the feeder itself.

This new design supposedly has a vertical divider and horizontal paddle to negate the hens from raking or throwing the feed out of the feeder as they eat. They claim their new PVC feeder is a "true no waste feeder" (this time) and in their promo video it states "virtually no wasted feed" so if these statements are indeed correct then that's good news! I guess the bewildering thing for me is if there wasn't any problem with the way their previous feeder delivered feed then why did they need to improve it? Touché…

My old Dine-a-Chook PVC chicken feeder still sits empty on our coop wall like a relic from the past and I don't intend to replace it with the upgraded model but that's not to say the new design doesn't work as stated it's just that I'm a little bit sceptical. I actually have two separate brand name PVC feeders and both are messy so for now I've resorted to my own very basic DIY feeder design, which works rather well (if I do say so myself) here it is on our forum.     

Honestly, there's no doubt it's a great looking feeder and they have made some really innovating design improvements, which shows that the manufacturer is listening to feedback and genuinely trying to create the best feeder possible. Does this PVC feeder really work though… that's the question and one can only answer it by trialling it themselves.   

I would need some pretty good convincing before I lashed out and purchased another Dine-a-Chook, but feel free to leave a comment or give your experiences (particularly if you own this new feeder) on how good (or otherwise) it works for you and your flock.

USA – Buy the Dine-Chook chicken feeder here
Australia – You can buy the Dine-a-chook chicken feeder here on eBay 




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