Easter Food Gardening Celebrate Beginnings of Life be Thankful for What we Grow

There’s something special about the beginnings of life – so special that humanity is obsessed with it. And, why wouldn’t we be obsessed with the start of living? The wonder of creation, the purity, the freshness, the power and drive to be… It’s certainly better than dwelling on the opposite!

I find food gardening gives me the same wonderment as any other beginnings of life. How incredible is it that a tiny dry seed given the right conditions can germinate and grow into such a complex living organism?  It really blows my mind… And, the fact I’m responsible for facilitating the right conditions for my plants to begin life and grow is very fulfilling.

When I nurture a food plant from seed to maturity the repayment isn’t just beauty or even fresh produce, that’s all great but it’s more than that – it’s the satisfaction I’ve helped one of God’s creations live a fulfilling and purposeful life.  

There are some of us who lose or stray from their purpose in life, they get too absorbed with meaningless possessions and they forget to appreciate living selling out to the love of inorganic materials, which are like drugs, after a while the good effects wear off and then you're left on a real downer.

The good things in life aren’t always “free” but the best things in life are living.

Grow a food plant or start a food garden this Easter and sit back in amazement with me as we ponder the beginnings of life, indeed the wonder of life, and be thankful for what we grow.

Happy Easter everyone!

Mark Valencia – Editor SSM

Look, and see the Earth through her eyes…


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