Chicken Feed Scooper Made From Coke Soda Bottle

Make a free DIY chicken feed scooper today!

Here's a nice simple tip to make a DIY scooper for those who keep chickens and any other animal for that matter requiring the scooping out of feed from a bin or bag etc.

The DIY feed scooper is made out of a soda/soft drink bottle, such as, a 2 litre coke bottle or the 1.25 size soft drink bottles work OK also. It's easy to make – just keep the lid on the plastic bottle and cut the end off with a scissors or knife then cut a groove out of the one side to make the scoop. 

This DIY soda feed scooper works just like a bought one and actually holds more feed than most. It may not be a big money saver but every bit of savings helps and it's also a good recycling trick.

My DIY chicken feed scooper made from a 2 litre Pepsi bottle has lasted years!


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