Drinking Water Contamination Due To Agricultural Runoff

Lead, fluoride, disinfecting byproducts, arsenic, prescriptive drugs. The list of contaminants that are lurking in our drinking water is long. In this article, I want to focus on contaminants that originate from agriculture. I'm going to explain how they enter public water systems and a range of natural freshwater sources used for bottled water, and

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Tankvac Self Cleaning System for Water Tanks

When Lawrie (CEO Tankvac) contacted me about his self-cleaning water tank system it didn't take me long to realise this was a product/invention worth writing about. If you do have a water tank then keep reading because here is a simple and effective way to keep the inside of your water storage unit clean! Once

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Do Domestic Ducks Need a Bucket, Pond, or Dam?

Those who think ducks only require a bucket of water to keep them happy are plainly wrong. Ducks will survive with access to just a humble bucket but they won’t be happy about it and anyone who claims otherwise is delusional!  I’ve only had ducks for about 18 months, as at the date of this

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