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Self-Sufficiency Tip: Grow More Than You Need

I often get asked, "what are you going to do with all that produce?" Sometimes people enquire because their first thought when seeing a glut of homegrown food is waste but here's how I see an oversupply of produce: Success – Whenever we get a great harvest I see the achievement. Backyard farming isn't always,

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More Raised Beds & Rubber Pavers Around the Vegetable Garden

Over the past few months, I've made some big changes to our vegetable garden and I intend to publicise these "improvements" (I should say) in detail in future articles and videos. But as the video at the end of this post shows, over the past few days I have concentrated my efforts on the central

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10 Common Myths About Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens or Planters

Updated on 5th Sept 2017 If you have been reading Self Sufficient Me and watching some of my YouTube videos over the past several years you'll know how passionate I am about raised bed vegetable gardening. There are many advantages raised bed food gardens have over the traditional in-ground garden beds that use the furrow

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Best Place to Position Your Vegetable Garden/Patch

Where you position you vegetable garden, patch, allotment, or whatever you want to call it is very important for a few reasons. Firstly, most food crops need a good amount of sunlight to produce well and grow strong – food plants need a lot of energy to produce and it's the sun that provides most

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