Creamy Purple Yam Pudding (Ube Halaya)

Creamy purple yam pudding, also called ube jam, ube pudding, and ube halaya, is one of the coolest desserts you’ll ever make! At once striking, delicious and versatile, this is definitely one to make when you want the wow factor. A traditional Filipino dessert, ube halaya is a sweet, creamy pudding dessert that is made

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How to Grow Ube (Winged Yam)

What is Ube? Ube (dioscorea alata) is a perennial tropical vegetable that you may not have heard of. A specialty of south-east Asia, this purple winged yam is a low-GI, easy-to-grow staple that puts a lot of food on the table for minimal effort. Especially versatile in the kitchen, it can be used in both

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