These are both the same? According to Coles Supermarket

According to Coles Supermarket here in Australia, a 2kg packet of plain flour is the SAME as a 1kg packet of self-raising flour – yes, I’m kidding you not… Let me explain, but really, it’s Coles Supermarket that should be doing the explaining instead of me conveying my frustration on my self-sufficiency Blog Website.  Speaking

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Plastic Bag Ban – Great Excuse to Grow Your Own Food

The Plastic Bag Ban will commence on 1st July 2018 around Australia – anyone caught with or using a plastic shopping bag after this date will be ridiculed via a severe public "bagging out" before being jailed for environmental vandalism.  The first part of the sentence above is true – the plastic bag ban will

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Raspberries Home Grown

Save Time, Shop At Your “backyard-grocery”

Time-poor Many of us now live in a “time-poor” society and freeing up time or not wasting it is a business in itself these days with entrepreneurs cashing in on providing services and gadgets to save us a miserable minute. And, it isn't cheap either to free-up time but don't despair, because I've found a

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supermarket unhappy couple pushing trolly

Top 10 myths why supermarkets are good – busted!

Often the construction of a new supermarket in an area is perceived to be a sign of progress and opportunity but this is not always the case, in fact, a new retail giant in an area can mean pure evil and the death of a community as we know it.  Supermarkets are handy for the

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Supermarket Self Service Checkout Scanner Scam

One of the biggest scams to hit modern society is the introduction of self-service checkouts at our major retail supermarkets. Supermarkets would rather pay theft and shoplifting costs than wages and that’s the bottom line! Today, I lined up behind one of only two manned checkouts (out of about 20) at my local Woolworths supermarket;

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