Creamy Purple Yam Pudding (Ube Halaya)

Creamy purple yam pudding, also called ube jam, ube pudding, and ube halaya, is one of the coolest desserts you’ll ever make! At once striking, delicious and versatile, this is definitely one to make when you want the wow factor. A traditional Filipino dessert, ube halaya is a sweet, creamy pudding dessert that is made

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Red Currant Rice Pudding

Some dishes just brings warmth to your soul… this red currant rice pudding is one of those dishes. It brings back good memories of being at my grandparents house as a child. When the weather was cold, the kitchen was warm, in more ways than one. So much love in one bowl of food is

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Vegan Apple & Carrot Cream

This vegan apple & carrot cream is extremely versatile! You can use it on its own as a dessert (pudding), as breakfast, as a sauce, a condiment, a side dish, an ice cream topping or as a pie filling…the possibilities are endless. It’s no wonder I love this recipe and keep coming back to it!

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