Why You Need to Pot Up Promptly

When you first start vegetable gardening, the path to successful crops isn’t always clear. There’s a steep learning curve, especially when you’re starting your vegetables from seed. Variables like soil, watering, propagation, and maintenance can seem like minefields for the beginner. One technique that is critical to the success of any food garden, is potting

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How to Grow Ginger from Store-Bought Ginger in Containers

We already know what a great food ginger is for its health and flavour qualities, but unfortunately it’s always expensive to buy. Growing your own ginger that you can preserve or eat as you like is much more cost effective- especially if you buy some rhizomes from a shop and plant them yourself. Here, we

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8 Things to Consider Before Building a Container Garden

Container gardening is not rocket science! All that you need are four simple things: containers, soil/growing medium, plants, and water (ok and maybe some plant food occasionally) so let's make it "five". That’s it! Basically, it is not too different from typical gardening, which you can do in a normal garden bed. Most veggies that

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