What to Use When You Have Run Out of Compost?

There’s arguably nothing better for your backyard garden than your own homemade rich compost made from kitchen scraps, grass clippings, and other organic garden waste. Compost adds nutrients to the soil creating food for plants, worms, fungi, and microbes it also helps give the soil structure and water holding qualities reducing the need to water

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Why We Should Pay More For Pesticide Free Tea

There's mounting evidence that people are increasingly and unknowingly being exposed to cancer causing agents through the food we consume. Some of the most common things we eat and drink and take for granted in our diet are possibly killing us! Tea is one of these products. It's universal, it's a pleasant beverage to consume,

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Organic Certification Too Ridged Says Judge

Do we need to question the relevance of organic certification? A court case in Western Australia where an organic farmer sued his GM neighbour farmer for contaminating his crop and subsequently losing his organic status has ended in favour of the GM grower. The contamination of the organic farm/crop was not in question and was

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