Do Muscle Building Shakes Really Work?

Muscle shakes to build bulk? I often get frustrated when I see muscle building shakes or drinks advertised as a quick fix way to build muscle and strength. Therefore, I decided to write this small post in the hope it may shed some truth to anyone who is interested in the subject of gaining muscle

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Serious Injury or Illness – And, The Road to Recovery

Not all of us get through life unscathed, and the chances are most of us at some point in time will need to recover from a serious injury or operation due to some unforeseen event, injury or illness. Rehabilitation and recovery from a traumatic physical injury or illness is a steep mountain to climb and

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Clean Living & Back to Basics For a Healthy Body Inside & Out

Clean living, diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercise…  So these are the ongoing topics of constant discussion I hear in my work environment (as a master PE teacher) or when I’m training my clients, I come across these buzzwords in every magazine and paper I read, and I see them play over and over during both

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