Make Your Own Mango Picker

It’s wonderful to have a mature mango tree in full fruit on your property. In fact, nothing says ‘summer’ quite like it. Mangoes are a large, beautiful tree to have in any backyard, and they have a multitude of benefits. Aside from the free fruit, they’re strong enough to support childrens swings, fun for kids

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Green Mango Salad

A seasonal salad with a sensational taste! This is a great Thai-style basic green mango salad that you can eat as a side, a starter or a main. It’s versatile, so you can add any meat, seafood or tofu that you like, and turn it into a main meal. In fact, green mango salad is

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Green Mango Chutney

It’s always a conundrum when unripe fruit falls from a tree. Should you bin it? Compost it? Or try to ripen it? Fruit that has been damaged or nibbled at by large pests like bats or possums is best disposed of, but unspoiled pieces can definitely be eaten- when they’re mangoes, at least! Green mangoes

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Preserved mango in zip bag dehydrated (dried)

Preserving Mango Through Dehydration (Drying)

Preserving mangoes through dehydration (drying) is one the best and easiest ways to store them because dried mango tastes nice, is a very healthy snack, it’s not messy to eat, and it lasts a long time in the pantry. To buy this organic gourmet snack from a health food store or supermarket usually costs over

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