Celtuce is the Next Vegetable you Need to Grow

Meet celtuce- one of the most versatile, tasty, useful, yet least-known vegetables. Celtuce (lactuca sativa var. asparagina) is a form of lettuce which is effectively dual-purpose; the leaves can be eaten as lettuce, and the thick stem as a type of celery. This unusual edible will grow in a variety of climates, suffers minimal pest

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Lettuce Mix Washed

How to grow lettuce?

*This article was revised in Dec 2012, and contains sponsored links. Lettuce is one of those common salad vegetables, which most of us take for granted as one of those regular foods in our diet we just always have and don't need to think about much. But, we should think about lettuce more because what

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pumpkin in shed window curing with vegetable garden in background

Growing Heirloom Vegetables – What are they & Why?

Humans… we're funny creatures. We love new stuff and then we also love what's old. One of my favourite songs (by a German band) has the chorus: Destroy, improve, and re-build. For some reason, I love the freedom in the intent of the song and the premise conserving holds back creation. But then, another part

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