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Miso, Mushroom & Green Bean Bake

Miso, mushroom & green bean bake is a fresh, modern take on green bean casserole, which Americans will know as a traditional thanksgiving side dish. Green bean casserole is usually made with tinned mushroom soup, as it was invented during the 1950s by Campbells specifically to boost sales of their tinned soup. Here, we freshen

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Rhubarb Raspberry Jam

This rhubarb raspberry jam is so versatile that it’s more than just a jam! Naturally it’s fabulous on toast & breads, but it makes an interesting addition to pancakes, yoghurt or a filling for our rhubarb redcurrant pie. Why not try it as a filling for these rhubarb and raspberry filled cupcakes– they are sooooo

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Traditional Food – The New Old Way of Eating

Traditional food is the new buzz word and healthy eating craze sweeping the world – well, the Western world anyway. Some people and certain entrepreneurs are pushing eating traditional like it’s some revelation when in fact it’s simply the food our grandparents mostly grew up eating.    Coeliac disease, irritable bowel, allergies, obesity, diabetes, heart

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